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Eat with the Season

Our store offers seasonal produce so you will find the best of the season and when produce is grown with Demeter Biodynamic methods you experience a full front, mid and back flavour as you taste the produce either raw or cooked so the sensation begins the moment you eat! 

Over the summer months our store supplies you with exceptionally tasty stone fruit including cherries, peaches, nectarines and the most delicious rockmelon and watermelon and, a little later in the summer our supply of Demeter Biodynamic Blueberries and Red grapes takes us through til Autumn. The range of summer vegetables include the tastiest tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, beans zucchini, eggplant and lots more..... our salad mix in renowned for its flavour, crunch and keeping qualities. Call the shop to see what's in this week.

A taste sensation that is also nutritionally dense...